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In 1985 Founders, Andy & Joan Horner, set out to start a business with the primary focus of giving back. They were in their mid-sixties, their children were grown, and they could have easily walked into retirement. Instead, their dream was to create a company that placed people before profits and supported ministries and organizations around the world.

Our Philosophy

We believe God created every person with value. We believe life's priorities should be God, family and career. We believe in America and the free enterprise system. We believe that people are our most important asset.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enrich every life we touch. Provide people a way to find identity, achievement and success. Meet the personal and financial needs of all who become part of our Premier Designs family.

Our Objectives

God demands fairness in every business deal. He sets the standard and we desire to honor Him. To grow wisely and profitably. To enrich every life we touch. To provide excellent service.






Missions & Ministries

Since 1985 Premier Designs has been placing people before profits, enriching lives and supporting ministries in America as well as across the globe.

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