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Designed as a way to combat homelessness in young people ages 16-24 Hippy Feet creates socks and apparel products that provide employment opportunities that overlook the traditional barriers that limit homeless youth from finding consistent forms of employment.

Based in Minneapolis, Hippy Feet provides transitional employment to young people through a program called Pop-Up Employment which creates jobs via their packaging, screenprinting, and embroidery operations. We bring these jobs directly to the young people we aim to serve

Hippy Feet’s mission is to play a pivotal role in positioning young people into stable housing and transition them into full-time employment elsewhere by providing income, opportunity, and job training in a way that is both earned and respects human dignity.




Hippy Feet produces socks and apparel products through a model that facilitates stable and safe transitional work for young people in the Minneapolis area who are struggling to escape homelessness.

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