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A retired father and his daughter are devoted to spreading the love of Jesus through faith-based gifts and home decor.

4Home's story began more than two decades ago when a newly retired father and his daughter embarked on a journey together. They created a company called 4Home that was supposed to be a creative outlet for that “extra” time they seemed to have on their hands. However, the part-time company quickly turned into a full-time ministry when 4Home evolved into a company focused on faith-based home décor and gifts. The mission became clear: to quietly minister to all that came across their path… at holiday shows, at Canton First Monday, in the store’s retail center, at Dallas Market, on the internet… no need for fanfare, just place scripture in their paths. Simply put, they only had to share the Word of the Lord. They were seed planters.

So, that’s how it began. They made wooden crosses and LOTS of scripture plaques. They were the first to paint a simple wooden plaque with the words: “This House Believes”… not in Santa, but in the life-altering promise of John 3:16! And then came the scripture plates and chargers. The path curved. What the customers wanted was to claim the Scripture as their own. So, they began to focus on God’s Word that spoke about family, friends and special occasions. It became personal. They painted thousands of grandchildren’s names on plates ~ because, to many, grandchildren are the crowning GLORY! (Proverbs 17:6)… and not just any grandchildren, but their OWN grandchildren.

To claim Scripture is a powerful thing, and they were privileged to see God’s hand at work in many lives. There were the customers that broke down in tears when His Word spoke to them in the middle of a crowded booth. We have heard countless stories of how a simple Bible verse can minister in powerful ways during times of joy, sorrow, celebration, and growth. And, most importantly, they’ve seen God use many people to spread His Message with the simple act of giving a gift of Scripture. These experiences led to what they are most proud of… their exclusive line of CELEBRATE THEE calendars & advent devotional books.

They wanted everyone to recognize that Scripture is personal, and it can be claimed as His Promise by any individual, at any given moment. And He is good, because they have been blessed with numerous stories of how a particular verse speaks to someone in a personal and meaningful way.

They shared just one of those stories. Once the list was complete, they began to pick special dates of those they knew – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. – to see if the Scripture for that date seemed significant in that life. And so they took a look at February 26, their niece’s birthday. Thee verse was: Joel 2:26 (NIV). The Lord your God has worked wonders for you. God was speaking in a personal way! You see, God has worked wonders in their niece, Madison. Diagnosed with a brain tumor at 18 months, she has endured years of chemo, radiation and surgery. But her story is just beginning; Madison celebrated her 22nd birthday in February. That’s just one story.



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THEE 4Home story began on April 6, 1999. Zechariah 4:6 (NIV) states not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit. That is their company’s story. Their journey has been, is and will continue to be led, not by us, but by His Spirit.

What is Thee story in your life?

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