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Created from the core belief that humans should not be treated as commodities and a desire to create dignity for all people, Calyan Wax Co. invites their customers to “kindle dignity” by simply enjoying a candle.

Each candle sold by Calyan is a simple step to help end human trafficking in America through partnerships with organizations that have a proven record of tangible, “in the field” work such as Traffick911, a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing youth from sex trafficking.

Calyan Wax Co donates 5% of gross revenue from every candle sold and through this partnership has donated over $54,000 towards the mission and helped Traffick911 in their efforts to free over 700 victims of sex trafficking.





Calyan is a simple way for you to say "no more" to human trafficking in America. Each candle sold provides vital funding to nonprofits working to give freedom, justice, and empowerment to survivors.

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