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Commissional Coffee is a family-owned, small-batch artisan coffee roasting company with a big heart. For them, serving people is not just a great passion, but a great commission. They love to make a great cup of coffee but they live to make a difference. So they asked themselves "why not combine them into one and the same?" The result was a coffee company that partners with others on a mission of filling bellies, warming hearts, and changing lives through the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel; both at home and abroad. They sincerely appreciate your business and commissioning with them for hope!




Missions & Ministries

Commissional Coffee is a for-profit coffee roasting company that invests its “after tax profits” into strategically chosen non-profits or ministries, whose work matches their mission. Their Mission is simple: Fulfill The Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through both the Proclamation and Demonstration of The Gospel.

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