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Elevate leather goods are ethically and sustainably made in India by an artisan group that their co-founders personally know from their time living in India. This artisan group is where the birth of Elevate started, as it was the first business from the small business program to receive a zero-interest loan, business training, and mentorship. With their core values to restore dignity and unleash human potential, the leather shop is now solely run by their own management! Since its development, the leather shop sustainably employs over 15 artisans. They've also been able to construct their own 2,000-square-foot building, leading to more workspace and practical ability to grow the mission!

Elevate leather is 100% full-grain cowhide that uses natural vegetable dyes to honor the environment and human working conditions. Their tanning process upcycles rainwater during the heavy rain seasons to conserve one of India's most precious resources…water! Full-grain leather is the highest quality grain of leather on the market. Its fibers have not been compromised, buffed out or split in half. Basically- it will last. Their focus in product development is fashion + function, which is why they take their time to develop solid pieces that have a sleek look, high quality touches and practical use in mind. All in all, they love serving you with styles that will work well for everyday life.




Job Creation & Empowerment

Elevate is a non-profit that believes in creating sustainable job solutions that improve lives and transform communities. Every time you purchase from Elevate you are helping educate, mentor, and fund a person with vision for using business for good! The participants live in marginalized communities around the world and are ready to be the change through access to Elevate opportunities! Together, they've been able to see 130+ participants’ dreams become a reality in over 8 different countries.

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