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Inspired by the selfless community-mindedness of a 70-year old farmer who rescued an infant who would eventually become their adopted daughter, Steve and Danea Lehman founded Gobena Coffee as a way to invest in the lives of orphan children worldwide.

Gobena Coffee (named after the farmer) works with local farmers to source the highest quality coffee in a way that is both sustainable and ensures fair pay and work standards in the local community.

In addition to this commitment to transparency and direct trade, 100% of Gobena’s net profits are reinvested into supporting orphan children through a partnership with the nonprofit organization, Lifesong for Orphans.

Through this partnership with Lifesong, as well as working with organizations like The Forgotten Initiative, who raises funds to support foster care workers and adoptive families, Gobena Coffee’s slogan, “Go Make A Difference” is being accomplished with every bag of coffee they sell.




Children & Family

Through sustainable sourcing and a 100% giveback pledge, Gobena Coffee makes premium artisanal coffee that has a significant and direct impact on the lives of orphans and vulnerable children worldwide.

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